Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jean's Little Sister

"when one door closes, another opens"

Anne was staring at the quote long after reading it.


she read it again one by one slower this time. 
it's been 5 minutes and she was still staring on the same page of the motivational book given by her sister, Jean. 
finally she take a deep breath.

"really?? "
she said to herself.
"pffffffffffff! the hell"

she closed the book, throw it to her right side and switch on the TV.
she was fired 4 weeks ago.

Anne finished her degree 2 years and ago in Communication.
but five months ago she forced herself to take the job as a clerk in one of non-goverment company after being unemployed for over a year.
and 4 weeks ago, she was fired because the company need to reduce the amount of the staff.
and now she's back to what she was doing 5 months ago. 

"i am home!!"

Jean, her sister announcing her arrival from work loudly.
Anne was looking awhile at Jean placing her shoes on the rack. 
she get jealous for Jean since like forever. 
since they were small it was always been so easy for Jean. 
Jean was famous in highschool.
everyone in the school likes Jean. 
most of the male student approached Anne in highschool also because of Jean.
of course you'll get famous if your sister is the most beautiful, genius and famous student in school.
everyone know Anne as Jean's little sister.

"hey, it's Jean's little sister!"
"it's the Jean the junior!"
"woww,, so you are Jean's junior?"

Anne never saw Jean studying at home but Jean manage to get the best student award during her final year and even get herself into a famous university in the country.
most importantly Jean get a real job only 4 months after her graduation!
plus Jean also have a nice+hot boyfriend and soon to be Anne's brother in law. 

"hey, what are you doing?"

Jean's voice surprise Anne a little.

"hmmm, watching TV i guess"

showing the tv remote control to Jean.

"you seriously look depress"

said Jean while taking over the remote from her and start changing the channel.

"i don't understand. i am sitting here from 7 am in the morning with no responsibility. only eating, sleeping and watching TV until now. i mean this is heaven! why should i be depress?"

Anne was looking at Jean with a big fake question mark on her face.
Jean stopped changing the channel and looking back at Anne.

" really?? well, i don't know heaven was that boring."

they are both looking at each other and then start laughing.

"time to eat honey!"
their mother calling from the kitchen.

"you know what, you better enjoy you last days in heaven!"
said Jean before she throw the white envelope to Anne's and walked into the kitchen.
Anne open the envelope and read the letter carefully.
it was a job offering letter.
she know it was Jean who recommended her name to the company!
Anne was shouting excitedly.
she run off and jump on her sister's back.
Kissing Jean's cheek by force a few times.

"I love u. I love u. I love u. muahhhhhh!"

"stop it"!
Jean screaming.

Jean was the center of attention in her family.
Jean was the smartest.
Jean was brilliant.
it's was always about Jean.
Jean and Jean and Jean.
 and Anne was always jealous of Jean.

but after all Jean is the best sister in the world.
and she's proud of being Jean's little sister.

second try.


  1. When I was in my teen age, I always wanted to write a story something like yours. Tapi inda pernah complete. I think u have the talent to write. Keep it up!

    1. thank you edith! cuba-cuba saja.. mau ambil muet kenen kan..eheheh


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