Thursday, February 27, 2014

forever a crush

"the first meeting was always the best part in a relationship. 
both of you will be excited chasing each other, adoring each other, wanting to know more about each other.
and each other's flaw will become something cute for both of you!
until you've explored enough everything together.
you feel like enough is enough.
and the excitement gone.
you started to get boring of each other.
her/his flaw is probably the most annoying things you've ever feel"

and that's probably the reason why a guy will never get over to girl he never get to be with. 
because he never had the chance to explore things with her. 

i started to understand a little bit about a crush.
once, a guy told me he had a crush for girl and he pretty sure that she have the same feeling for him but they can never be together due to religion differences. 
he told me that if not for the religion difference he would have ask her to be his girlfriend and he even thinking of marrying her.
*someone who keep saying he want to enjoyu his life and will only get marry at 40 are actually talking about marriage now.

and as he said it in front of me i can almost tell that she will be the best girl in his heart forever.
like no one can replace her. 
the things is, he never had the chance to explore things with her.
he never had a chance to see any flaw she have.
so, she took the highest place in his heart.
that girl he had a crush on.
that's why he behave that way i guess?? 
please correct me if i'm wrong.

and yes of course i envy her!!
she can make a guy who want to get marry at 40 think about marriage for once!!!
she can never be this guy's girl but she had taken this guy's heart completely.
like completely!

oh dear crush!
now guys,
you are allowed to have a crush for whoever you want.
you can worship your crush forever.
but don't forget to look around, or you'll miss the right girl walking passed you.

but darling i want both. 
you and your heart.
can i just be selfish?

now mari kita layan lagu c katy ni dulu la.

haruskah mancari semula peminat-peminat masa di highschool?
trip-trip banyak peminat dulu.

l i l i e s j o h n


  1. Indeed. I once had a crush on someone since I was in form 1 but we cant be together due to religion differences. And I had a crush on him for 5 years plus. The sad part is when your crush ask you to take care well of ur relationship with ur boyfie. I mean like Gosh I want u since forever how could u not know it. In the end he said he knew it since long time ago but because im an Adventist he stopped himself. Gahh.. -_- crazy little things called crush.

    1. Huuuuu.. Its bad he decided not to be with u for a religion differences. however the good things is he manage to stay in ur heart until now kan. Crazy little thing about crush. :-)

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Lol ya.. but crush is crush right. It will be one precious memory to remember when we become nenek. Btw nice sharing goroyen besties. God bless :)

    1. yeah true. it's gonna be a good memory to revise once u'r old. ngeee. ko kajen goroyen bah ni kan..ahahhahaha

  3. I crushed on someone long before and never really knew he then became my boyfriend few years after that. Well, it was like a dream come true indeed. However, if it wasn't meant for you no matter hard you try it will never be yours.

    1. awwww..that was sweet when ur crush actually become ur bf ni. ya, true. we just planning and trying our best, it's God's job to decide the result. :)

  4. saya sikijap sikijap crush tapi minggu depan depan hilang suda tu feeling. haha

    1. eiiii..sama la kita.. x pernah ada crush yg betul2 melekat di hati..

  5. sa pun mw kurik balik crush2 lar. lolz


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