Thursday, April 28, 2011

the real winner!

6 years ago, i was just a normal girl.
but i met this hot guy and immediately fell deep in love with him.
i became his secret admirer ever since. 
i've done everything i can just to win him over. 
you have no idea how i worked so hard to turn my self into a gorgeous woman.
i stopped wearing glasses and started to wear lenses. 
from a sandal lover into a high heels addict. 
from a t-shirt fan into a gorgeous dress lover.
from ordinary girl into a young gorgeous woman.
and it's actually work! 
most of my male friends said that I've change a lot and they all like it.
as predicted, if you are a gorgeous woman, it's not too hard to approached the guy that you like. 
i approached him and in no time, we became so close.
many other guy try to approach me but i only look at him.
only him all these time. 
i am pretty sure he know about my feeling for him. 
but still at the end of the day he chose the other girl.
i was crying on my bed every night for 2 weeks after i found out about his new relationship.
it was a huge heartbroken for me. 
like the whole world just fall into pieces.
i've come so far just to have him and still i wasn't the girl he want.

but on the third week, i get the courage to meet the girl and wish "ALL THE BEST" to her.
and right after our graduation day i met the guy for the first time after my heartbroken. 
i shake his hand and said"THANK YOU for taking me where i am today". 
even thou it's hard for me to smile but i am pretty sure it was the sincerest smile i've thrown to him ever since i know him. :)

how many of you have the strength to go and meet your rival and tell him/her 

there is always a competition in our life. 
we are all contestant.
we compete to live.
we compete to be the best
we compete to be loved.
we compete to be rich.
we compete to be the winner.
and sometimes we lose,sometimes we win. 
if we win, people will congratulate us.
but if we lose, we congrats the winner. 
try to accept the fact that we didn't win.

ignorant people say, 
"failure is a failure, no matter how good you are, you are still failure." 
oh is it? 
maybe yes, i mean you have lose in the competition.
but at the end of the day the real winner is the one who can accept his/her failure.

and before i forget, the story above wasn't my life story. 
i adapted it from the recent japanese drama i've been watching.
actually, i've had a crush long before too. 
but i never get the courage to approach him.
and i didn't change myself into a gorgeous woman of course.
i didn't take the challenge. 
i am a coward back then so, i just watch the guy from far. 
and congratulate them silently. 
so sad. 

that's why i admire the girl in this japanese drama.
 she have the courage to fight for her love. 
the guy doesn't chose her but at least she tried.
she accept the challenge!
and she's a winner for me.
 she win over herself. 
after the failure she didn't end her life or do something stupid but she thanked the guy for making her realize how far she can actually go.

so guys, never be afraid to take the challenges in your life. 
if you win then it's a bonus. 
and if you lose, you can cry as much as you want.
but never think that you are a failure because once you decide to take the challenge, you already are the WINNER!

too much x and o.


  1. cehhh... sa ingat ko... hehehe~ Nice post serii... :p

  2. ahahaha..mgkn la. hahaha
    thanks for reading.. membaca gaya wawasan.hehe

  3. waa...i love the story~!! thumbs up for the girl who win the situation..for us it may be too hard even to look at the face of our rival rite.. but her effort n courage to face the situation really exmple for evryone who ever face the same situation :D

  4. i love ur background music~!!! soo relaxing..lagu pa ni?hehe

  5. er, i admire the girl too... hehe.. tajuk ni lagu TEARS by XJAPAN. hehe..

  6. thank you beatrice.. thank you for reading.. :)

  7. Wahhh.. sa pun mo berubah la ni.. Hahaha...

  8. sini pun sa pakai nama exyanne!! Ho ho ho..

  9. Stagah! Seri sy telah berani to meet her tp dia yg x berani mw meet me. Cmna tu?

    1. staga br ternampak comment ko.. means u r the winner!!! chayok leon! chayok! haha

  10. Stagah! Seri sy telah berani to meet her tp dia yg x berani mw meet me. Cmna tu?


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