Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the woman that i call MAK!!!!!!!!! hehe


MOTHER'S DAY falls on 8th May this year. 
it was celebrated on the second Sunday of may. 
One of the early calls to celebrate a Mother's Day in the United States was the "Mother's Day Proclaimation" by Julie Ward Howe. want to know more? please check any web (kes malas menaip. hehe)


1. we fight sometimes. not as often as i fight with my bapa.
2. i used to make her cry.
3. we never say sorry to each other after a fight. 
4. when i have a fight with my dad, she will be get panic because she said, me and my dad have the same character, dua-dua KARAS KAPALA!
5. SARONG lover.
6. love listening to radio terutama musim dia putung gatah. hp dia wajib yang ada radio. (sabah V fm ka or what?).
7. allergic to cold water. especially when it's raining.
8. experienced eye surgery before. and she has tiny glass inside her eyes!
9. shorter than me.. ngeee...
10. always complain about my dad.
11. always with her short hair. i can't even remember when is the last time i saw her with long hair!
12. queen of nag. just like every MOM. 
13. always worried about my pimples! (because i am her only daughter with pimples!!!! arggggh!!)
14. she has tahi lalat on her cheek. 
15. also has sexy lips! (doi..haha)
16. has been producing quite beautiful daughters for sure! 
17. she know that i love her even thou i never said it!  

Mom and aunty

if you have free time, why don't you do entry about your mother too?? see how many fact that you know about your mother?? i mean, its mother's day right?? just a suggestion. :)
chao bella! 

too much x and o


  1. wah..mother's day!

    sama ja mummy ko shery ma ko kan hahaha...comel.

  2. Kiko,Mama Shery lagi kiut dari c Shery.. :-p.. Hehehe.. Tapi c Shery lagi cumil dari mama dia la.. (macam sama ja maksud dia kan??)

  3. MUAHAHAHA... mama sy comel sikit la.. sy comel banyak!!! hahahahaha

  4. Hey girl! seem like you did know a lot about your mum..=)
    Nice entry..
    You give me idea what to post for my mom..
    Good luck in ur exam kio moi!

  5. @haryati: hehe.. ok, punsikou.. thanks for visiting my blog btw,, :)


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