Friday, April 1, 2011


last night, right before i went to bed, i got  a message. it was from my friend.

"my course-mate just committed suicide" 

because this friend of mine use to trick me often,so i initially thought that it was a joke..

"don't joke around la, i am not in a mood for a joke"

"it's true la.. because of stress, and i think you know the person. he was in our ex-college before too" 

i don't really remember if i ever know the person that he mention because there are a lot of student in my ex-college with the same name and of course i won't be able to remember all of them. 
okay, i am not going to write more about the suicidal case today. 
i don't really know the exact story too. 
i only knew it was because of STRESS.

i am on the bed all night and i keep thinking about how powerful stress are. 
seriously guys, negative stress is a tricky killer.

stress can be divided into two, physiology and biology.. 
physiology is more to physical like a tension or something that we learn in physic class. 
the one with the formula T=F/a or whatever.(i use to love it before.... hmmm.)..

the other stress called biology stress. it always connected with our mental health.
both of them are quite important to us.
especially BIOLOGY STRESS. 
never ever underestimate the power of stress in your life. 
it's the silent killer!
remember, for every action there are reaction. 
manage your stress carefully cause once you fail to manage it, it will kill you slowly. 

to those who think he/she has a lot of things to stress with, enrich yourself with knowledge about stress and how to manage it.
and to those who are in the chain of stress,never ever try to give up your life. 
trust me,ending your life is not gonna solve the problem but worsened it. 
my match teacher use to tell us,
 'no matter what your score is, LIFE MUST GO ON.'

and to those who can handle stress very well, help those who can't. 
i remember that day, my friend text me. 
our college are having an event and it quite busy that time (since our class was chosen to handle the food) when i suddenly receive a text from a friend.. 
the text sounded like this.

"i am pathetic, nobody cares about me." 

and i have this bad habit. i don't really reply my friend's message.
especially when i think that it's not really important especially from a friend who used to tease me a lot. and this friends is actually the one who always send me shitty text like 
"hoi, ko pandai pakai heels suda ko ka sekarang?"
"oi, tukar profile picture ko di FB. jan juga terlampau menipu orang di FB!"

i don't know why, that time i just take out my phone and started to choose one of my message draft and forward it. it was actually one of my favorite message in my draft. 

"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you"

i never check my cellphone after that.. and the next day, this friend was texting me as usual, joking and sometimes sending me some stupid message..
"oi saya dengar-dengar ko cantik sikit sudah dari tu muka ayam saya di rumah"
 me?? well, i enjoyed the funny text a lot but as usual, can only reply his text sometimes.. 
(saya kedekut kredit bah. sama tidak buli layan gila ni kawan saya 1 orang ni lama-lama.. nanti ko ikut gila. hahahhahaha)

but, last night this friend text me again and he said. 

"thank you for the text.. if it wasn't for the text, i will surely be the one who welcome my classmate up there" 

i was a little shock when he tell me about his problem. 
never realize that this bright+crazy friend can be so stress until he was thinking of ending his life.
i actually aware about his family problem and his difficult courses but because of his bright character, funny and always sent me the stupid text, i keep thinking that he won't have any problem with handling stress. 
 it's soooo scary to even think about it! 
can you imagine what would happen if i didn't reply his text like i always do?
now i realize how powerful stress are.. 
stress chose the target randomly. 
stress is also the very silent killer.
but i also realize, how good little things that we do in our daily life can actually save other's life. :)

jangan malas-malas reply message kawan.. they might really need it.. 

l i l i e j o h n


  1. cast it all..for perfect love casts out fear.. god bless..muahhaahaha..

  2. you never know when a friend really needs u.. :)

  3. thanks for this post Lilie.. Gonna re-share... ^_^.v..

  4. sasa: yeah baby.. :)
    marshey: yeah.. never leave them..
    exyanne: hehe..thanks for resharing.. :)

  5. Plain and simple! I like your work!

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  6. thanks cevugon.... thanks for visiting.. :)

  7. uina,sa masih pakai nama exyanne lagi sini oh.. :-p

  8. @aki:x berubah owh kan tu nama wlupun ko suda tukar nama.. haha


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