Sunday, March 27, 2011

that's the way the story goes

this week is a very busy week. i was in orthopedic clinic and i enjoy my time there.. the M.A is the best ever!!! thanks to abg NIZAM@KIWAK, abg SHAHNIZAM, abg HAFISZAL and abg CHON(anugerah abg MEKONG tlh ditarik balik sebab abg ni asyik senyum jak.. hehe).and the most handsome guy in the clinic sir FAZIL..
i don't really know what to write today's post... hmmm, let's see..

OPPSS.. terlepas cakap pula...
i myself sometimes cannot control my mouth. it keep talking like buzz.. 
it's keep producing some harsh word without asking me first! OK-ok.. it did ask me sometimes but you know...hehe.. bad mouth!

i hate CINDERELLA's story.

the truth is, i want to be a nice person so bad. this is serious. i want everyone to like me just like i love myself.. i mean who doesn't? i believe no one want people to hate them.. but for me it would be a miracle if everyone loves me because i am not perfect..
i mean, even the character in fairytale, for example CINDERELLA, everybody loves her even the animal, but there are still three people hates her. the STEPMOTHER and the STEPSISTERS. ok, make it four. i hate her too. why? because she's too kind and WEAK (sorry to all the cinderella's fan but i have to say this). she could've help herself without waiting for the prince. she could run away or take over the place. why not?? it's her father's house right? she doesn't need the FAIRYGRANDMA to go to the party. she could just go meet the prince and leave the chores behind. she could dance the whole night with the prince without worrying about the time. THE END.
but if she just go and meet the prince the possibility that she'd be chosen by the prince is so thick. and if Cinderella didn't come late to the party that night the prince might not even notice, no matter how much i dislike the CINDERELLA's life-story and how much i want to change it, i know i can't because that just the way the story goes..

watch out! people are talking behind your back!
there's a famous girl in my class. she suddenly become so famous for her relationship with her new BF. i am not so sure whether they are a real couple or just a real scandal but day by day their story is getting hot and hotter. why?  because they always stick together and the rest, you know la. just like the ROMEO and JAKULIN ehh, slh ROMEO AND JULIET story.. the 'YOU DIE I DIE' concept. 'u escape clinical, i escape too maa'..  hehe.. so,as usual, girls, they started to talk and talk and talk.. me? of course la i join them too.. hottest gossip in the college maa until our PENYELARAS pun got headache thinking about this MERPATI SEJOLI.. i cannot just sit in the corner and pretend not to know (sedia-maklum,saya ni masyarakat yang prihatin.. hehe)..
i know it was not a good attitude.. talk behind people's back? poor them (the merpati sejoli) they never disturb us maa.. they just a couple of people in love. thats what people in love do right? they stick together......???? (ya meh? haha).. but it's was something fun. isn't it? to hear about others gossip and about their bad behavior and all that.. when we are talking about the girl i was thinking
"ok, today i talk behind her back, but tomorrow there willbe always someone who's talk about me behind my back." so, it's like a circle. i learn this long ago, thats no matter how much i try to please the people around me, there will always someone who talk behind my back. and that we cannot satisfied every body.

it's my time to be famous! ;)
i do get angry when people are talking behind my back.. but then i think there's no use to get angry.. they only doing their job maa, just like my job. :P.. life is like a wheel. sometimes we are at the top and sometimes we fell in the bottom. so consider it as my days to be back-talking. or positively,it's my time to be famous..hehe.. i mean i also talk behind their back sometimes. so, it's like a karma..  i cannot be so selfish, i have to give them chance to talk behind my back too right?? ;)

let's fool each other! 
i always wanted to be a good person. a person who never talk behind others but then, thinking back. even if i keep quite, they will never shut up. they will still talk behind my back so, why don't i just do what they do? fair and square la isn't it? (jangan tiru aksi ini di rumah) just like a circle. you talk about me, i talk about her and she talk about you..You fool me, I fool him, He fools her ,and we all fool you.. that the way the story goes.. :)

this is my new song background lyric.

You love me and I love him
He loves her and she loves you
That''s the way the story goes
You fool me and I fool him
He fools her and we fool you
That''s the way the story goes
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You love me and I love him
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You love me and I love him
He loves her and she loves you
That''s the way the story goes
You fool me and I fool him
He fools her and we fool you
That''s the way the story goes
The story everybody knows

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You love me and I love him
He loves her and she loves you
That''s the way the story goes
You fool me and I fool him
He fools her and we fool you
That''s the way the story goes


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