Saturday, March 19, 2011


my roommates KAK INA was staring at me with a devil smile.. and all my roommates was looking at me with a cynical sight.

"talam dua muka! mulai dari hari ini ko bukan lagi roommates kami! BERAMBUS KO!!!!"

KAK INA was shouting loudly! then, i smile

" kamu ingat kamu 10 orang saya tidak dapat lawan? heh, setakat 10 orang roommate macam kamu ni, saya langsung tidak rasa rugi bertalam dua muka!"..
not even a bit guilty feeling in my face. i never regret it.

and then, i slowly open my eyes.

"i am the bad girl again??? it's my dream but i always become the antagonist! not fair!"
while complaining about my dream my hand are searching for my phone(checking the time. i don't wear watches.)

"owh, it's 9.19 am.. look like i wake up a bit early today"
since i always wake up late on holiday.

then i started to close my eyes again. let's have some dream again. this time i want to be the good heroin. chayok! but, wait.. i feel something wrong. i check the time again.

"9.19 am!!!!!!?"

GOSH! i have to go to church today. AUNTY TANG will pick me at 9.30 am. what is wrong with my alarm clock?? i remember setting it up on 8.40 am last night! or maybe because of the dreamy dream, i just ignore the alarm??
ok, whatever.. in ten minute i have to be ready.
my towel, where is it?? i grabbed my towel and run into the bathroom. MANDI A.S.A.P!
while taking bath, Satan visited me.

"ok, if AUNTY TANG arrived while i was bathing that's means i don't have to go to church, perhaps i can continue my dream! hehe"

i'm looking at the time.
"9.30 am"
owh, i only take 10 minute bathing.. i'm checking outside,
"AUNTY is still not here"
weird, usually she's very sharp.
i took out my churches clothes. i need to iron them. so, i started to iron it. slowly and slowly.

"9.40 am"

My phone ringing while i was still ironing. i didn't look at it but i'm sure it's was AUNTY miscalling me. she always did that to inform her arrival. i take my losyen and all the liquid that i should wrap into my face and body. relax if AUNTY is willing to wait for me, thats means i have to go to church!! tack!
about 9.50 am my phone is ringing.

"shery, are you going to church today?"

did i really want to go to church?? i'll be alone in church today since OYEN and KIKO is not around. should i go?? part of me actually refuse to go to church. can i just worship by myself? i mean i'll read the bible (kunun la mo read bible). promise! but...........

"yes, yes, i'm on my way. SAT!"

i finally decided to go. originally i want to tie my hair but because i don't have enough time i just let it free. before i step out from my dorm my roommates KAK INA who's help me packing, throwing my cellphone into my bag and all, said,

"pucat ni ko SHER." 

huh,PUCAT?? oo ya, of course, i haven't put my lipgloss yet! ok, grab the lipgloss. my hair???? where is the comb? ok. grabbed it!
i run into the gate and entered AUNTY'S car.

"good morning AUNTY. happy sabbath, sorry i'm a bit late today"
a bit late?? it's too late la.. haha

"happy sabbath too shery, having a hard time to wake up arr?"
errr, is it too obvious?? i was smiling.

"hehe, i woke up at 9.20 this morning aunty"

"oowh, i thought i am the one who's late. because just now i drive through your place and i just lalu you know. i pun lupa yang i suda sampai. so i have pusing balik and it take some time"

because there is no U-TURN near my hostel so, it will take some time to go back around if you already pass the hostel.
so,that's means, if AUNTY didn't pass my hostel she might arrive at 9.30am and i might decide to just stayed at my hostel..

it is possible that GOD make AUNTY pass my hostel?? it's like a wake up call.
GOD want me to go to church today. and when i said,
"i woke up late and i don't think can make it"
HE said 
"do not worry I'll manage your time".

i keep smiling along the way to church.
:) smile
:) smile
:) and smile

"dear GOD, sorry for all the excuses that I've made"

too much X and O.


  1. gosh sheri... kadang2 sa pun mcam tu.. making excuses... but making excuses supaya x pg church buat sa glisa..hehe~

  2. tu la bah kita ni mar. byk btl alasan x mo p church. padahal p church 3-4jam jak pun. klu online. 12 jam pun tahan owh.. haha

  3. shery!!!! i like dis beri beri mach!!!! hahaha...

    besa la tu :) nasib ko p chuc jg kan :) hehehe

  4. ya.. nasib baik sy p juga wllupun hmpr2 xmo p.. hahahahahaha

  5. ok,sa komen ni dulu.. Err,sa kalau malas tu,sa tidur terus tu.. :-p

  6. 2rex:ahahaha.. sy pun begitu jgk kadang2 bah.. hehe


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