Sunday, February 27, 2011


last december i spend my holiday with my family.. and my activity along my holiday is:

>join caroling. Christmas song is so much fun to learn.. especially when we sing it in choir.. few lovely christmas song that i'm in love with,

>go to my cousin marriage ceremony.. the theme, must be in purple.. unforgettable moment: i ruin my BAPS's car here.. hoh

>having a blast Christmas!

>RIVER! my favourite place!

actually i spend 1/3 my holiday playing in the river.. with my siblings. they love river as well, even sometimes  have force them to go with me(haha) but at the end of the day, we'll still enjoying it!..
here are some picture that i already modified..
owh peace!

my little brother sonnie. 
not candid. minta puji punya kes


i dont think he know i take this pic until now.

this is seriously candid, haha, ugly faces

not candid

not candid

just an amateur editor and i'm enjoying it so much!:)... haha.. well, see u next time!


  1. wow.. what a great editor are u... hey..ajar saya ba... cantik ni sungai kamu.. bila mau bawa sy pg lawat...

  2. haha.. bkn sungai kami ni yg lain moi.. kmi p picnic sungai tpt lain.. nanti ada masa sy bwa ko la.. nti kita suda kerja,sy bwa ko la.. hehe

  3. aik, bkn d tpt ko pun ada ka ni kiko?? huhu


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