Thursday, March 12, 2015

the not-long distance relationship

because he just started working somewhere far(still in sabah actually) and the internet there is down so he's busy.
because i just transfer to new workplace and started my busy routine, i am busy.
so we don't contact much.
just Goodmorning and Goodnight text.

it's been two month since the last time i met him.
and like a month we haven't had a long conversation.
(yes, i counted)
so,yeah. we are that busy.

but going back home at 8 pm after the long workout session, cooking and taking my shower was so tiring that i don't have much time to tell him everything.
and i am sure he's tired too.
 by the time i finish my bath, he's already sleeping because he need wake up at 3 am to do his job.
and i'll be sleeping before 12am.
*he's the morning person. and i am the sleepyhead one.
so, there's not much time for me to tell him about my day.

and guess what's the benefits of it,

we don't argue much now,
we don't get annoyed by each other,
we are free to do whatever we want,
no need to spend so much time on dating,
no arguing on where we should eat,
who should drive,
what movies we should watch,
and we can have our own time for ourself,family and friends,
we sleep early (tiada aktiviti bergayut tiap malam sudah)
no much money wasted on the telephone bill.

wow, i never realize we had so many advantages until i write this post!
omo omo.
so, it's a win-win situation la kann.. hehehe

 but if you are reading this, i just want to let you know that,
above all the tears and argument,i still miss you.
yes,i miss arguing with you,
i miss your annoying text,
i miss asking for your opinion in whatever i do,
i miss fighting where we should eat,
i miss you telling me "naaahh kan saya bilang..bla-bla-bla"
i miss staying up late at night and talking nonsense.
i just miss wasting time with you.

okay, cukuplah tu jiwang.
we both know we are busy so yes, for the time being,
maybe we'll just stay like this.
it's okay.

sorry for always being a jerk and blaming you for the situation even tho i realize that it was me that are too busy to reply your text.
it is because i feel so apart from you this two looooooong month.
and sometimes i did that just to get your attention.
but still, thank you for bearing it with me.

l i l i e j o h n


  1. I feel you hehe..apa2 pun both life n love still going on ma kan..jiwang yg sweet jg ni sya baca hihi

    1. Hahahaha.. Bila sy baca balik trus sy gali2.. Ada slh2 grammar lg. Yaiii.. Hahahahahah

  2. Lol .. I miss those feeling ba. Ini sekrg berdekat pun hari hari gaduh.., dui

    1. ya ba.. ada kebaikan juga berjauhan. at least kurang sikit sakit hati. hahaha

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