Thursday, February 5, 2015

sending off my dearest CHLOE

last Christmas i brought all my baby(cats) to celebrate Christmas at kampung. 
5 days of Christmas holiday is enough to starve them if i didn't bring them.
and it was my biggest mistake because my first night at kampung, i lose Chloe. 
i brought 4 cats back to Kampung but only bring back 3 cats to KK. 
at first i thought that she was just wandering around the kampung and will eventually come home like before.
2 weeks after i lose Chloe, my family keep telling me
"tiadalah tu si chloe sudah" 
but i still have faith in her. 
i am not so worry because last time she's gone for 3 weeks and come back eventually.
i keep telling them that she will eventually come home
i text my sister and my parent everyday asking if they've found Chloe at kampung.
unfortunately, nobody saw Chloe. not even a glance of her.

it's been more than a month now.
last time i woke up in the middle of the night and i shed to tears.
she love sleeping beside my leg at night but that night i woke up only to realized that she's not there.
that's when i know that i've lose her forever.
sometimes i woke up at night and find chloe at my leg under my blanket.

i always want my own cat since college.
and i found Chloe via with cheap prize after i started working.
i met the owner as promised because he have like 5 kitten and i want to choose my pet myself.
the kitten are all so cute and fluffy.
i inspect all the kitten carefully and took out the most fluffier kitten among all.

"saya mau ini, gumuk!"

then the owner said,

"saya kasi keluar semua la,supaya ko senang pilih"

so he took out all his kitten from the cage.
wow, gemuk o semua.
rambang mata saya sekejap mau pilih.
but then the one yang catch my eyes the most is the thinnest and smallest kitten among them.
she was so scared to come out from the cage that the owner have to hold the cage just to bring her out.
i hold the kitten to help the owner but as i look into that kitten's eyes, macam saya kena pukau saja.

"kurus owh dia ni. saya ambil lah dia ni kasi gemuk"

the owner was a little bit shock when i said it.
dipendekkan cerita, i took the thinnest kitten among all and named her Chloe.
She's just a month old that time.
well, she didn't grew up as fluffy as i imagine.
she ate in a very small amount.
and she's very picky when it come to food.
she only eat ROYAL CANIN's brand.
kalau brand lain, beliau akan muntah.
making it worse, she had a skin problem which is also infected my skin.
rashes seluruh badan especially bahagian perut saya. huhu
so, at night, i didn't allow her to sleep with me for 2 weeks.
everytime she go near me, i'll put her beside my leg.
kesiannnn.. hukhuk. sorry Chloe.
her skin condition went well after i brought her to the veterinarian,
but Chloe grew up sleeping beside my leg and refuse to sleep next to me at night.
mungkin dia terbiasa kali. huhu
after seeing so many cats hit and died on the road, i am so afraid to let Chloe go out of the house.
it's scary just to think about it.
also because si Chloe ni selalu sesat.
disorientated bah.
last time she got out from the house at night and i found her waiting outside somebody's house, same floor, same house number but different block. edeh.
biasalah kalau tinggal apartment ni, bikin confuse si chloe, hoho.

Chloe gave birth to four cute little kitten on 5th September last year.

at first i want to give away all the kitten because my apartment is so small for 5 cats! but OMG! they all are adorable that i cancelled my intention but still give away one of the cat. MR.ROCKY to someone i can trust.
and i cried of regret after giving it away. huhu

back to chloe.
she don't like to be hold most of the time (except in bathroom)
she prefer leg's scratching service than fingers. lol
she eat frequently but she don't eat a lot.
ini rahsia mau jadi ramping.
she cares for her child so much.
i know this because everytime her child try to snatch her food, she'll just gave the food away.
she love to drink from the pipe.
i posted one video of her drinking fresh water from the pipe on IG once.
now, i really miss turning on the pipe for her.
Chloe also very sensitive to dirt.
she refuse to pee or poop if her littering box are dirty.
so,she woke me up at 4 am just because she want me to clean her littering box,

taken at 4.13 in the morning. yes, she woke me up for this. nampak kah tu bilas-bilas dia di mata tu. beliau pun baru bangun ni. hahahha 

and the things i miss so much about Chloe is that she's the only cat who will look out for me through the window everytime i come back home.
"boss saya balik sudah, mau minta wetfood"
kali dia bilang ni..
spot chloe. ada sinar kegembiraan di mata dia nampak saya dari luar apartment. hoho.
during my money crisis in 2013, Chloe actually help releasing my tension a lot too.
now, typing this makes me miss her so much.
i have 3 kitten now but i still miss Chloe especially when i saw the pipe or i am in the toilet, or when i come back from work.
i dreamt about her a lot last month too.
i miss force hugging her.
i miss watching movies and chloe's will be there destroying the feeling.

i miss cleaning the house and Chloe will be there "helping(la sangat)" me.
Chloe's helping me with the shoes. she loves box so much, this is her last picture taken. cleaning the house before i went for a long christmas holiday. :(
i miss watching her sleeping everywhere. huhu
and right now, i miss everything about Chloe.

i know some people said that it's just a cat, what's the big deal? i have 3 other kitten maa..
but Chloe is my first cat. and just like when you've been hurt from your first love, that's how i feel about chloe.
but the good things is, nobody will forget their first love.
just like Chloe, she'll always be in my heart.

goodbye Chloe and thank you for the memorable journey.

l i l i e l o v e c h l o e


  1. Sedihhh sy bca shery.. huhu.. chloe is like the best cat anyone could ever ask for. I believe she felt the same towards you too. You are the best master any cats could ever ask for. Xda tanda2 sudah ka chloe akn balik?

    1. thank you roseate. saya nangis2 kenen ni masa post. haha.. bapa saya cakap anjing jiran sebelah makan kucing jd mungkin c chloe takut mau balik atau kna ambil org.. kalau c chloe mati, saya harap btl dia x mati terseksa.. :(

    2. Yaa hrp2 mcm tu kn.. sy prnh ada kucing 1 ktika dlu. Kucing jantan and my dad didnt like him as much as like him since tu kucing suka curi mknan so my dad threw him away. Kna tnggl d batu 10. I dont really remember how long it takes but im sure its more than a few months something mcm tu, that kucing of mine found his way back home. Susah mau prcya. I cant either but mgkin tu mksud dia kucing ada 9 nyawa. As long as bkn kna pijak keta, or something yg ngeri2, msti diorg pulang tu. True story ni. So we pray the best for chloe. :')

    3. tp c chloe hilang d kampung n d apartment ja pun pandai sesat. huaaaaaaaaa.. menyesal sy bawa dia balik kg.. kalau hilang d kk masi ada harapan lg.. hukhukhuk.. wlu bagaimanapun minggu ni sy balik kg n meneruskan misi pencarian.. amin. amin.. harap2 jumpa..

  2. I dun usually love cat. Sebab dulu d rumah byk cats kami and selalu curi ikan ni except one black fat cat. I called him Salem. Mcm kusing Sabrina the teenage which too except tis cat cannot talk la. Wat I love abt him, Sgt Manja and ko letak ikan Satu bakul dpan Dia pun da x mkn ni. Byk la klu tulis Satu Hari pun x hbis.. Tp lpas tu kena racun... Susa ba klu d kg ni.. Ada Ada ja racun animal org.

    1. aiyaaa..syg o kna racun..ya thats y..kejam sikit klu kampung2.. d kg lg dia hilang.. tp last time dia hilang d kk dia kna simbah air panas..huhu..

    2. alamak simbah air panas lagi tu..dei~~~ mmg x patut...

      sa cni teda kusing tp d bawah rumah byk kucing jadi share sama public ja la kasi mkn sebab byk yg kasi mkn d bawah rumah....d kg ada juga kusing ckp kusing kagalon sebab ntah apa dia p makan trus tu bulu dia

  3. Harap dia jumpa tuan baru dan selamat serta sedang rehat-rehat di sofa selamat lah.


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